Legal Prostitution: How the State Whores Itself Out

Legal Prostitution: How the State Whores Itself Out

The state can sit on its high horse and ban prostitution for the average man (and woman), but today it must be said, in words as bold as these, “THE STATE IS A WHORE!” (Plus, they are hypocrites because they used to run their own state-funded whorehouse)

We can’t deny it, between their morality being auctioned off for purchase every congressional season to the lobbyists of various companies and the nice payouts our President receives for being a puppet for the party that got them elected, they will get down on their knees for anyone willing to throw them the most money. They are also willing to sell truth for votes, lies about others for a trending tweet, and their family to the news for a puff piece about how “wonderfully all American they are.”  To say that prostitution is a bigger issue than the legal activities of our politicians, is an absurdity unmeasurable.

This is why it is necessary, nay IMPERATIVE, that we call for a separation of economics and state. Because the state is as dirty as the average person claims businesses to be. How can a dirty state, hope to keep a clean free market? It can’t, with its regulations that apply to only certain companies, its created monopolies and its backroom business deals with GE, GlaxoSmithKline, GM, and so many more, the government scum can’t be trusted in the free market.

If the government were to leave the free market to its own devices, this is what we could expect:

  • Once the government left the economy, many of the corrupt businesses that are only held together by government funds, would go out of business. No government funding, no business.
  • The normal consumer would find out easily from the information on the internet and news about companies that were corrupt, unfair to workers, or polluted the environment. These companies would also leave the market.
  • The rules would be the same for everyone, meaning small businesses would no longer be at a disadvantage because they can’t afford expensive government lobbyists. And once small businesses have the same opportunity, many potential entrepreneurs would be excited to enter the market and create more jobs and more products (they’d be cheaper with the competition too).
  • Everything would become much cheaper because government could no longer collect taxes for the “services” they do for businesses. We could all afford those darn Venus razor refills that are like $40.
  • Labor would be paid what they really deserve. Every worker would be able to demand what they are worth from companies and would be free to keep searching the now over-saturated market for a new job that would offer them even more money.
  • There would be no shortage of jobs and people would work harder at the job they had, because, if they don’t, someone will happily replace them to do the job better for just a little more
  • Laborers would have more money in their pockets, which would mean church-goers and charities could give even more money to the people that really need an extra boost, if they like. If you don’t believe that people really give to charity. Check out The Atlas of Giving Monthly Report. So far this year Americans have given $79.14 billion to charitable causes. It is up 9.1% from 2014 and it goes up ALL THE TIME. People love to give to charity. And they would give more if they had more. Versus the government, which takes the opportunity to line its greedy pockets with other people’s money at every chance they get. Look no further than the Watergate Scandal for proof.


Bottom line: The Market is a harsher mistress to business than government ever could hope to be, even without the scum. The Market will take out the trash of business if it is called upon. Look at all the people who opt for Tom’s Shoes or another shoe company that helps the poor. Heck, even I buy BuzzBox Coffee, which provides micro loans to small businesses in other countries. Americans are generous, the government is not.

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